If you are pondering about the exterior painting of your brick house, you have to rethink again and again.

Although, coating your brick walls with a shade of sunny yellow or crisp white will certainly brighten the appearance of your property and make it look more attractive.

But, you will be dismayed to find that it’s not easy to paint brickwork with a professional touch, and it will increase the amount of maintenance your house’s exterior requires immediately
Unpainted brick doesn’t require an expensive house maintenance.

It is durable and does not peel or bubble, even in harsh weather conditions and in fact, its unpainted brick color develops an attractive patina as the house is getting old.

The moment you put that paintbrush to the surface, you are committing yourself to repainting on a regular basis.

When you eventually put your house on the market, many potential buyers will be turned off by the prospect of all that upkeep because they will be thinking of the money it will cost to maintain the already painted bricks.

The most important word to remember when you are about to paint your brick house is the word “permanence.” It’s a one-way road.

It is permanent, and it cannot be removed once it has been applied. Now I know that some of you will say that you can get strippers and restoration cleaners to remove the paint if you need to and that is true.

Remember though; you are entering a costly repair process that is usually limited to precious masonry buildings with significant amounts of funding.

Another advantage of just leaving your brick exterior alone is the fact that blocks are made from a kiln-fired mixture of shale and clay, which is naturally porous.

This quality allows brick walls to breathe, expelling moisture as your home goes through wintry freeze-thaw cycles or torrential rains storms.

Painting, unless it is carefully done with high quality, masonry paint, vapor permeable, tends to trap the moderate humidity and cause your bricks to crumble, often within a period of 4 to 9 years.

The deterioration process will be hidden underneath the paint, making it difficult to spot and treat in the early stages.

The moment you paint your brick house, have it in mind that you will be making a serious commitment.

If you have a change of mind, paint removal is time-consuming and costly.

And sandblasting or chemical treatments are very likely to damage the brick in the process.

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