When decorating your house, it is essential to keep your pet in mind and choose pet safe paints and varnishes.

While most people know that chocolate can be toxic and fatal to our pets, do you also know that some domestic decorating products, like paints can be equally harmful to pets?

The main reason why traditional paints are so dangerous to pets is because of the mixture of toxic chemicals that they have, including solvents, heavy metals, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

These chemicals give out toxic gasses, which can affect your pet in adverse ways.

Even though the full extent of the harm these gasses cause is unknown, I came across an article on Ofallonpainter.Com
Where the symptoms may include irritation to eyes, skin, airways, making pets to become dizzy, dazed and in some extreme cases, it can cause full body hair loss.

Please note that paints are not the only dangerous decorating products, paint removers, varnishes and white spirits can also be dangerous.

When looking for pet-safe alternative to paints, look for a paint that contains none of these harmful chemicals or one that contains fewer.

Although not all products will be branded as being pet safe, you can identify the safe ones by checking out their ingredients.

But generally speaking, it is better to use a product that is water based instead of solvent based.

However, if you can’t buy pet safe paint, make sure you follow these painting practices.

In situations where you are able to avoid the use of these chemicals, there are some steps you can take to help limit the chances of your pets becoming ill.

1. Keep All Products Out of Reach

Keep all product out of reach to stop you pet from accidently ingesting harmful things.

2. Keep Pets Out of the Room

Ask someone to look after your pets for the day if possible so that they are out of the house while you’re decorating.

3. Ensure the Room is Well Ventilated

Make sure the room you are painting is well ventilated, because this will help remove harmful gasses.

4. Paint Small Pieces of Furniture Outside

If you are painting any small pieces of furniture such as a table or chair, paint them outside if possible.

By doing this, bo gasses will be released straight into the air and will not become trapped in your home.

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